The Dust is Expected to Retreat by Tomorrow
Devised theatre

When another massive dust wave hits Cyprus, three people take refuge in a basement until the phenomenon retreats. After three years of isolation, they run out of supplies.

Departing from recordings of everyday life conversations on the island and with
limited props, everydayness is staged and subverted to an epic quest for food. The
verbatim material reveals a battle between confinement and freedom. It describes strategies of escapism within the structures of symbolic domination in Cypriot dialect.
The microcosm denies the macrocosm and the question of whether to be part of it or not, faces the obstacle of “how” to be part of it.

Conceived by enacttheatre
Dramaturgy enacttheatre in collaboration with Dimitris Chimonas
Movement Advisor Lia Haraki
Production assistant Evita Ioannou
Supported by the.Yard.Residency.2016 and Cyprus Youth Organization
Thanks to Andonis Moushis, Kyriaki Parmakki, Polina Parmakki, Stefani Makri, Elena Agathokleous, Maria Andreou, Adonis Archontidis, Alexis Vassiliou

photo credits Adonis Archontides