Top That

Independent theatre groups such as enacttheatre, train our perception as viewers, helping us to discard any traces of seriousness and broaden the meaning of the word “theatre”

Μaria Petrides, writer

Marina Makris and Elena Kallinikou are obviously fans of devised texts. The elements of their productions is a combination what looks like improvisation on stage with strict and organized action. It is about employing the Cypriot dialect as the carrier of effortless humor, social satire and self-sarcasm. Their subjects of interest are drawn from insightful observation of the everyday life turned into surreal, self-sarcastic and extremely physical acting.

“Top That” was a public act of self-expression, a declaration of aesthetic choices, an attempt to fly over the Top and find the freedom of expression. Criticism concerning repetition and vagueness that I would otherwise express, I prefer to leave aside, and accept these elements as characteristic attributes of a method that is consciously used by the group.

Νona Moleski, Theatre Critic, Phileleftheros Newspaper

Nights like these reassure me that Cypriot theatre indeed evolves and develops. Enacttheatre has created the first pure Cypriot absurd theatre, that is at the same time so distant but yet so familiar, with a writing that has an illogical logic, and characters that we know of but again not so sure where and how we do. To keep a long story short, I will just say that the next time I will teach “Waiting for Godot” in class I will also talk about “Top That”
Ellada Evangelou, Proffessor of Drama Studies