The Dust is Expected to Retreat by Tomorrow

Probably the most remarkable performance of the year
Avant Garde, online magazine 20/07/2017

The show that drew the best reviews of the season
Parathyro, Cultural Section of Politis Newspaper 22/8/2017

The story develops with humor and inventiveness, God himself gets involved in the plot, [….] the stereotyped phrases provoke self-reflection, and the Cypriot dialect acts, once again as vehicle for direct communication
Nona Moleski Fileleftheros Newspaper 25/12/2016

The use of Cypriot dialect in the script functions cathartically highlighting the locality and domesticity of the play
Bienale of Young Artists Evaluation Committee,Cultural Services of the Ministry for Education and Culture Parathyro, Culture Section of Politis Newspaper 13/2/2017

[..] I don’t know how they wrote the script, but I would definitely love to have it and read it. Their use of language was so unpredictable, straight to the point and euphoric. But again, it was irrevocably tied to the specific execution of each scene, just like flesh on a sturdy skeleton, dancing in an ethereal way. We are talking about major plot twists happening back to back in just 50 minutes. Three non-egocentric performers, with an impressive control of their acting tools, and whose every grimace, sound and movement made them either tiny or huge, ordinary and totemic. They were deadly funny and their beauty was shining […] Well, if this is not a youth shot, what do we need our veins for?! 
Giorgos Stoyias, Columnist 6/03/2017

Photo credits: Adonis Archontides