Fail Again. Fail Better | Samuel Beckett

“We are doomed in an unending monologue, without meaning, without content. An eternal murmur” 
S. Beckett

Fail Again Fail Better is a performance that combines two of Beckett’s plays where the voice of the actor is transmitted through mechanical devices. The performance begins with The Rockaby where the lights fade in to reveal the actor suspended on a rocking chair. Back stage the other performer recites the monologue on a microphone accompanied by the rhythm of a live musician on the piano. The second part of the performance is That Time. The two performers swap positions. The lights fade in to reveal the actor seating, listening from three different speakers murmurs of past memories.

Sponsored by Ministry of Culture

Conceived and created by enacttheatre
Texts S. Beckett
Performers Marina Makris, Elena Kallinikou
Sound Artist Marianna Michael
Artistic Direction Alexis Themistocleous
Tech Evita Ioannou

Thanks to MITOS Center of Performing Arts